How to Write Online? The Best Way Is to Start Writing a Blog and Hone Your Craft best essay writing service reddit

Are you an amateur writer? Do you love to write? Have you been secretly scribbling away in the wee hours of the morning? Have you got boxes full of old journals, diaries that you poured your heart in? If so, what is stopping you from following your passion?

Reasons why People are Scared to take their Writing Seriously

If you are just starting out, there are many things that can keep you from writing regularly. The two main reasons that keep people from ever exploring professional writing are;Your writing is not good enough.You don’t have enough time.I have been writing since I was 5 years old. I have been pretty much writing all my life. And yet it took me a long, long time to realize that I can do this. That I have a talent – that people actually like reading what I write. I understood that I have to actually write to get better at it. Sitting around and thinking about it won’t make any difference.

How did I come to realize that I too can write?

The fact that I have been working as a business writer for a number of years.The fact that I am writing on various places online.The fact that I have  best essay writing service reddit a blog that people come to for advice on blog writing.

Start Writing Today; Start your Blog

Blogging is a wonderful writing tool that gives you lot of writing practise. It keeps you going and it provides the necessary push that one needs in order to write.Normally, this push doesn’t come from family and friends. Sure, they understand our passion to write, and are more than happy to be supportive, yet they don’t actually say.. no, no, don’t come for coffee, stay at home and write.How we wish.

Get into the Habit of Writing through Blogging

Which brings me to the second point.You think you don’t have time to write? Well, you would NEVER have time to write. You have to start writing right now. You have to start making time – create time.When you blog, you can do short posts. Posts that take 20 minutes to write.When you blog, you also have to do it regularly because now people are watching. You have a responsibility. Write few times a week, if not daily. Start small and change as you get along.

Develop a Writing Portfolio; Acquire Reader Feedback

Blogging can also become your writer’s platform. Initially, you will have family and friends reading your blog. Then other people will start to come to your blog and if they like what they see, they are going to stick around.They will comment on your posts. They will share it with other people. You will get feedback on your content, which is priceless.When you have some good content, you can then approach other online places to pitch for writing gigs, you can link to your blog. You can show people you have readers who enjoy your writing.

Improve your Craft; Take your Writing Seriously

But most of all, you will have loads of fun writing on your blog.You will get lots of ideas for writing.You will meet lots of like-minded people through your blog and develop relationships. You will learn a lot along the way. Your writing style, your voice. You will improve your craft and gain confidence in your abilities.